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Who is Tayyab Fayyaz | A quick Review on his professional life

Who is Tayyab Fayyaz | A quick Review on his professional life

Tayyab Fayyaz

Many People Ask On our Facebook Page and whatsapp Chat is there Tayyab Bhai ? The awnser Is yes 👍 

Tayyab Fayyaz is Founder of Kharedari.pk 

Today we are Going to Tell you All About Tayyab Fayyaz and who he is ?

Tayyab Fayyaz Basically Belong from Faisalabad & professionally a Business Man & A tech Youtuber . Tayyab Fayyaz is notable for producing YouTube videos On Products Reviews, Mobiles unboxings, Gaming reviews, and Pubg Tests

If You Talk About Tayyab Fayyaz Career

It is quite interesting as Tayyab Fayyaz was Not in Mobiles business From Start

In 2007 Tayyab Fayyaz took step in Business and Start Importing Textile related Products From china and swizerLand.

Tayyab Fayyaz is a Pakistani Tech youtuber, influencer, and Blogger And he starts to Take interest In Mobiles field as it was His dream and Finally in 2017 Tayyab Fayyaz Starts a new business Named as Kharedari.

And this was the time Tayyab Worked Really hard and established his Mobiles Business and Become whole seller of Major Brands.

Tayyab Fayyaz Kharedari.pk

At this time Tayyab Fayyaz Owner of Kharedari is One of Biggest importer of Apple Products in Pakistan

Kharedari Iphone stock

Later on in 2019 Tayyab Fayyaz Started His own youtube channel with the name of his Business KHAREDARI and starts an E-commerce website As Kharedari.pk

Tayyab Fayyaz

In 2021 A Youtuber took interview Of Mr Tayyab Fayyaz and video Gone viral as Tayyab Fayyaz discussed on Dark Reality of Mobile Markets in Pakistan


Tayyab Fayyaz interview

That Video took arround 300k views on youtube and arround 4 Million views on Facebook

And Sucess Stories are Going on and on.. Alhamduillah

Here was Some Quick review About Tayyab Fayyaz 

I Hope you all Got awnsers About his Professional life

Tayyab Fayyaz Born in Faisalabad City Of Pakistan on 10 Oct 1989

Learn More about Tayyab Fayyaz on Google : https://g.co/kgs/nwp4ER

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  • Zahida Ali

    Amazing personality honest he is

  • Zahida Ali

    Amazing personality honest he is

  • saad

    amazing personality he is

  • Naeem

    Great man he is

  • Atif

    Gentle man such a nice person he is

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