Infinix Note 30 Pro 8GB 256GB
Infinix Note 30 Pro 8GB 256GB

Infinix Note 30 Pro 8GB 256GB

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    • Infinix Note 30 Pro Key Specifications

    • Infinix NOTE 30 Pro:

    • 68W Wired + 15W Wireless Fast Charge | Charge however, wherever

    • 120 Hz 10-Bit AMOLED Display | Flagship Viewing Experience

    • MediaTek Helio G99 Ultra Power Processor | Unbeatable Performance

    • 108 MP Triple Camera Setup | Clear Vision from every angle

    • 8GB RAM 256GB ROM

    Infinix x TESLA Science Center

    Infinix has collaborated with TESLA Science Center to bring life All Round FastCharge technology to life. Keeping in mind the daily charging struggles of users, Infinix aims to revamp the smartphone charging solutions in Pakistan through this step. The collaboration is aimed at bringing life-changing future charge technologies to the end users. And Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series All-Round FastCharge not only fulfills the purpose but also ensures speed, safety, convenience and flexibility while charging all at one place!


    Infinix x JBL

    For Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series, Infinix has collaborated with JBL to enable cinematic sound experience to end users. Incorporating advanced audio processing engineered and perfected by JBL, the new NOTE series delivers distortion-free audio along with deeper bass and rich frequency.

    This collaborative breakthrough demonstrates Infinix and JBL's commitment to providing innovative products with superior sound quality. Users can look forward to a rich audio experience on Infinix NOTE 30 series whether they are watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.


    80% In 30 mins only| Charge in no time

    Infinix NOTE 30 Pro features a wired fast charge of 68W which is not only fast but is also durable and intelligent. It operates onto dual-channel fast charging technology where two 2:1 charge parallel pumps simultaneously enabling a 68W fast charge in no time. This is fast enough to charge a 5,000mAh battery from 0-80% in 30 minutes only. Whereas the battery cycle times are up to 1000 times meaning Infinix NOTE 30 Pro can sustain charge for long periods of time without the need to recharge. In short, 68W is fast, durable and advanced.

    Here’s what you can get in just short 5-minute fast charge of Infinix NOTE 30 Pro:

    • 2.1 hours of gaming so | no need take a few minutes away then getting back to action

    • 2.8 hours of continues video viewing | watch favourite shows uninterruptedly

    • 5.7 hours continuous calling | Stay connected on the go

    15W Wireless FastCharge Stay Fully Charged All the time

    (Exclusive to Infinix NOTE 30 Pro only)

    Infinix NOTE 30 Pro features a 15W wireless fast for easy, convenient and user friendly charging scenarios such as in the car, in the office, or at your bedside. Infinix NOTE 30 Pro is the first smartphone to provide wireless charging under this price tag empowering the users to stay fully charged without limiting them to a specific charge setting.




    Both Infinix NOTE 30 Pro and Infinix NOTE 30 All-Round FastCharge technology features Bypass Charge mode. If you’re a hardcore gamer, a low battery shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the action. But charging while gaming can cause the temperature of the motherboard to quickly increase resulting in heating up the device but also ruining the gaming experience by dragging down phone performance.

    To get around this, Infinix NOTE 30 Pro offers an innovative Bypass Charging function. When the battery level reaches or exceeds the threshold for Bypass Charging (i.e 30% by default), the charging current bypasses the charge to go straight to the motherboard. This reduces overheating of the phone if you are charging the phone and also playing games at the same time.

    • Compared with normal charging mode, Bypass Charging can reduce the temperature increase by a maximum of 7°C.

    • How to enable Bypass Charging:

    • Enter the game you want to play through XARENA. In the game interface, swipe from the

      left/right side of the screen to call up the sidebar and select Bypass Charging.

      How to change the threshold for Bypass Charging:

    • Open Xarena - click the setting icon Select Bypass Charging Select Charging Threshold and select the threshold (20%, 30%, 40%)

    • Note: Bypass Charge Mode is available in both NOTE 30 Pro and NOTE 30




    It’s not unusual to charge a phone overnight before going to sleep. However, extended expose of the battery to high voltages can reduce battery life and may also result into bursting the smartphone.

    AI Smart Charge on the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series uses AI models to learn your phone usage patterns and predict when you will go to sleep and wake up. It then charges the battery to 80% overnight, pauses charging, and then resumes just before you wake up so that you have a fully charged phone in the morning without impacting battery life.

    This feature is present for both Infinix NOTE 30 Pro and Infinix NOTE 30

    Try These:

    Turn on AI Smart Charge and use the phone regularly for around a week, making sure to charge the phone overnight. If you wake up in the middle of the night one day, take a look at your Infinix NOTE 30 Pro battery level and see if it’s paused at 80%

    How to enable AI Smart Charge:

    Settings - Power Marathon - Battery Setting - AI Smart Charge

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